Gigaset pro IP PBX T440 / T640 PRO Basic Training

Training No.    GPBXBAS

Training type  Classroom training, mandatory for partner certification PBX Partner

Target group   Service technicians

Duration          1 day


Passed online seminars

- Online information about PBX and Phones (optional)

- Gigaset pro IP Fundamentals Online training (optional)

- Gigaset pro VoIP Fundamentals Online training (optional)

- Gigaset pro IP PBX systems T440 / T640 PRO online training

- Gigaset pro IP desktop phones online training

Completion of entrance tests with> = 80%

- Entrance Test Gigaset pro IP PBX systems T440 / T640 PRO"

Learning Objectives: 

With many practical exercises you will learn how to install and configure the Gigaset pro IP PBX systems T440 / T640 PRO. You will see how the system is connected to a ITSP provider and to the ISDN network and configure user settings, rights and features with the Web and Administration User Interface. You connect SIP terminals via autoprovisioning to the system and learn its operation with the help of practical exercises. 


• Overview of Hardware and Features

• Installation / commissioning of the system

  o Initial start-up wizard

  o Firmware Update

  o Language and network settings

  o Licensing

• Connection of provider (ITSP, ISDN, analog)

• User Configuration

  o Overview of Web-UI and admin UI

  o User Data Import

  o User settings (permissions, phones, phone numbers, etc.)

  o Configuring User Features (diversions, voicemail, etc.)

• Terminals / SIP Devices

  o Autoprovisioning

• Operation and user scenarios

  o Operation of terminal

  o Using the Web User Interface

  o Enabling and disabling features

• Practical exercises

What options are available in the training program to obtain further certification? 

You have already completed the online test for IP PBXs successfully.

You have already received the certificate for IP PBX systems T440 / T640 PRO.

1. Complete in addition the advanced course for IP PBX systems.

2. Complete also the online training for DECT solutions.

3. Complete the Specialized certification training for DECT solutions to reach the next Partner level.

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