Gigaset pro DECT IP specialization

Training No.      GPRODECTIP

Training type    Classroom training, mandatory for partner certification DECT IP Partner

Target group     Service technicians

Duration            1 day


Passing the online trainings

• Gigaset pro DECT IP online training

• Gigaset pro IP basics Online training (optional)

• Gigaset pro VoIP basics online training (optional)

• Online information about PBX and Phones (optional)

Completion of entrance tests with> = 80%

• Entrance Exam Gigaset DECT IP

Learning Objectives: 

With practical exercises you will learn how the Multi-Cell DECT Gigaset N720 IP system should be installed and configured in a customer environment. You create a needs analysis and plan the integration of the solution in the customer's environment. You will learn the usage of the N720-measuring kit to determine the optimal locations for the DECT basestations. So the function of the DECT solution behind the Gigaset T440 / T640 PRO or foreign-PBX systems can be guaranteed.


• Introduction to the N720 IP DECT Multi Cell Solution

• Presentation of the N720-measuring kit

• DECT measurement on customer example

  o Needs Analysis

  o Planning of the broadcasting stations and measuring points

  o Evaluation of the measurement results

  o Integration of DECT solution to the customer's IP network

• Installation and configuration of the client system

  o Synchronization of the basestations

  o Connection to Gigaset T440 / T640 PRO

  o Connection to external systems with and without profile Download

  o Registration and usage of Gigaset pro DECT handsets

• Function test

• Error Analysis

What options are available in the training program to obtain further certification? 

You have already completed the online test for DECT solutions successfully.

1. Take part in specialized certification training for DECT solutions to achieve the authorized partner level.

2. Complete in addition to the online test for IP PBXs T440 / T640 PRO.

3. Remove the base certification training for IP PBXs in part, to reach the next level of partnership.

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