Gigaset pro VoIP basics Online Training

Training no.      GPROVOIPOT

Training type    Online training, optional to prepare for the entrance tests

Target group    Service technicians

Duration            about 30 minutes



Learning Objectives: 

In this online course you will get information about VoIP basics. This online module is designed for technicians who have as yet little or no Voice over IP systems employed. You learn in this online training how a typical VoIP environment is built up, learn the standard SIP protocol and its most important messages and learn how the voice transmission is carried over the IP network. Furthermore, it is shown that there are influences in voice transmission and how with the help of QoS mechanisms a realtime transmission is secured. 


• Typical SIP VoIP environment

• SIP protocol stack and components

• call setup using SIP

• SAP and SDP protocol

• Audio codecs

• Real-time audio transmission with RTP and RTCP

• Transmission influences delay, jitter and packet loss

• QoS mechanisms at Layer 2 and Layer 3 level

• Bandwidth reservation with RSVP

• Fax over IP (FoIP)

• VoIP Troubleshooting with Wireshark

What options are available in the training program to obtain further certification? 

1. Complete the online test for IP PBX T440 / T640 PRO to participate in the basic certification training for IP PBX systems.

2. Complete to participate in the Specialized certification training for DECT solutions to the online test for DECT solutions.

3. Take part in the certification training to achieve the authorized partner level.

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