Gigaset pro IP desktop phones Online training

Training No. GPRODPOT

Training type Online training, a prerequisite for the classroom "per Gigaset IP PBXs based training"

Target group Service technicians

Duration         about 15 minutes



Learning Objectives: 

In this online course you will get an overview of the Gigaset pro portfolio and therein desktop phones. You get information about the hardware configuration and the features of the devices, accessories and enhancements. 


• Product overview Gigaset pro portfolio

• IP desktop phones

  o Hardware and Performance

  o Gigaset DE310 IP PRO

  o Gigaset DE410 IP PRO

  o Gigaset DE700 IP PRO

  o Gigaset DE900 IP PRO

• Accessories and Enhancements

  o Gigaset PRO ZY700

  o Gigaset PRO ZY900

What options are available in the training program to obtain further certification? 

1. Complete the online test for IP PBX systems, to be able to participate the basic certification training for IP PBX systems.

2. Complete to participate in the Specialized certification training for DECT solutions to the online test for DECT solutions.

3. Take part in the certification training to achieve the authorized partner level.

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